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The desert highway traffic police not to regulate law enforcement, illegal covert speed [reply]

The new *** 2018-09-06 15:25 traffic Complaint

In August 2018 we self driving travel to Xinjiang, now received a mobile phone that Sichuan AH785E illegal illegal information accumulated 7 times, the cumulative fines 2500 yuan, a total of 27 points in August 20, 2018, especially in the desert highway 125 kilometers speed 50%, a fine of 1900 points 12 points in this section of the road, we will never see the desert highway prompt speed signs, did not show evidence of speeding photos or videos to us, please ask the leadership. What is the definition of the flow velocity? In order to remind the driver to control the speed of the vehicle or the driver speeding record? Why would you hide it? The speed camera on the roadside to hide, to see the police? This is a warning? The line along the way there is no speed limit signs, there is no objection to this speed that our punishment, then listen to the desert highway, local people said they is hidden by many people (speed, can look at the recent statistics). Last year we were in August by Tibet Qinghai Gansu self driving tourism has not occurred 15 days starting from the Sichuan speeding incident, Tibet Qinghai is no speed behavior? There is no desert highway? We feel that the Xinjiang traffic police enforcement is not standardized, will affect the Xinjiang traveling investment environment is not conducive to the prosperity of Xinjiang, please Secretary Chen say, thank you, finally I wish in Xinjiang party secretary Chen led the development of better, more harmonious, more people to Xinjiang tourism development.


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